Frequently asked questions

COVID-19: Can I book a boat right now?

Our office is open regularly and bookings are accepted as usual. If your boat tour cannot take place due to Corona restrictions, there will be no charge. Please keep in mind that we will have to comply with distance and hygiene rules on the boats again this summer. Therefore, your preferred boat may not be allowed to sail with the regular number of people.

Boat driving license: Do I need a driving licence for boats?

Boats with an engine power of up to 15 HP may be driven without a boat license. For all other boats you need either a sport boat driver's license (SBF-Binnen) or a skipper. Our search mask helps you to choose the right boat.

Availability: Which boats are available?

Simply use the boat contact forms to inquire about availability.

Number of people: How many people are allowed on the boats?

The maximum number of persons allowed is prescribed by law and cannot be exceeded (no exceptions).